Luka turns Six

Some photos for this afternoons fun at Sky Trek at Colin Glen..

Esther & Daniel getting hooked up..

Eager beavers..

One last look at the ground..



Luka on his way across..

Thumbs up..

Kalid doing well..


Pretty high up..

All toastie..

Esther and Ana making their way around.. At this point I handed the camera to Dana as I had to

head up to go around with Jack..

Heah, I’m over here..

Daniel doing the splits..


Time for climbing now..

All having fun..

Sophie tearing away herself..

Go on..

That’s it Esther..


Ana and Luka..

Good going Luka..


Jacks go..

Now the boys racing each other..

Daniel wins..

Now time for the zip line..

Great stuff..


All ready to get unhooked..

Bring the ropes back..


Photographer Selfie!!

My turn..

Now time to jump of a 40ft ledge with a cable attached..

Phew, down..

Back home and now time for some CAKE..

For me?

Blow, blow..

Birthday boy all happy..

Playing away..

Girlies smiling away..

Sensible faces only!!


All serious..

Playing away..


Another great day organised by the Putnikovic’s… Happy 6th Birthday for Wednesday Luka.. Enjoy..

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