Wellie fun

Off to dads today for some fun..

First off, some rope fun in the garden..

Come on guys..

Who needs snow.. we have a hill..

Pull dad..

I’m puffed out..

Ella with pussy willow..

Time for a walk with our new wellies..

Splash splash..


Look Jack, stinkin!!

Ella the farmer..

Back home for some drawing granddad style.. HUGE..

3 generations of McAteers all drawing away..

Jack seems happy..

Some fish..

Plenty of stuff drawn now..

Ella and Margie chillaxin with Tom & Jerry..



Time for Spiderman to make an appearance..

Who’s that?

Give us a kiss..

Spider baby..

Another drawing.. Dinosaurs..

It was Jack..

Time for some dancing.. It’s the robot..

Oh look, a fairy..

A fairy in sock / leg warmers..

Good look Ella!!!


Heah you..

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