Mothers day 2014

Mothers day always starts with prep work.. first off, the cards..

Jack busy with his..


Ella has the glitter.. Oh no..


Time for a quick bubble break


Ash after her ly-in, the kids just out of the bath

All set..

Kiddies in for their frys..

A wee pressie..


Out into Belfast this afternoon for a coffee and a scoot..

Ella happy enough munching crisps..

Best buds..

Dream team..

Ella strop!!


Jack, put that away..

Jack in charge of the camera now..

Ella’s turn.. she can hardly lift it!!


Ash went for a shop and I took the monkeys to St Annes Square.. a wide open space!!!

St Anne’s..

Oh no..

That’s it, I’m putting this away..

Catch me if you can!!

Ella strop number 2..

Ella playing with the radio controlled car..

A stomp..

Enjoying themselves..

Taxi for Ella..

Great fun day out and now home for a nice dinner..I hope Ash enjoyed herself and realises how much

the children think of her and the fantastic job she does..

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