Easter fun

Fun from yesterday and it all started with some early Easter eggs from Uncle Ivan, Auntie Lynn and Erin..

All these sweets..


Time for the Easter hunt..

Off they go in their Jammies..

Ooooohhh, what’s this?

More surprises at the apple tree

Hmm, where to next?

Ah ha, over here Ella..

More at the top of the slide.. Ella Catch..

That will do..

Jack reading some clues.. Bouncy fun.. what could that mean..

Woo hoo, stuff on the trampoline..

Look dad a chocolate egg

Me too..

Happy Easter Bunny and Chick..

Now to eat the rewards..

Ella bashing hers on the table..

Double trouble..

Off to mum’s in the afternoon for a family dinner.

Everyone out enjoying the sun..

Erin all dolled up..

Kirsty & Carla giving Erin a swing..


Getting it tight enough with Jack inside..

Time for an egg for Erin..

Sweet time..

Now time for some party games..

The farmer wants a wife..

Ella getting chased by uncle Stephen..


Quick, it’s safe over here..

Lorna will save me..

A great day yesterday and good to see everyone..

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