Maddybenny Portrush

D&N had booked a cottage at Maddybenny’s for the weekend so off we went.

Jack found

Time for a swing..

That hair!!

Peacock in full “strut”

Go on Ella.

Aw man..

Ella taking pics of me..

The view..

Jack spidermaning things..

The girlies..

Off into Portrush for a quick stroll..

The Clan..

Sunny sunny..

Water looks warm!!!

A bit of digging from Ash..

Cool Jack heading back to the car..


Out looking for horses..

Chasing chickens

Petting horses..


Ellie working it..

Jack going for a ride on Prince..

Ride em cowboy..

Through the water..

We saw Ellie on the way back in the paddock..

Off to Portstewart beach in the afternoon..

More digging..

Please note that Ash is taking photos from INSIDE the car.. It wasn’t even cold..


Playing in the dunes..


Another fort..

Break time..

All happed up

Back to check the horsies..

And relax..

Look at this hungry fella.


A quick early morning swing..

A quick chase of the chickens..

Pretending to be chickens

Peacock showing off again..

Portrush beach this afternoon for more fun in the sun..

Working hard!!

More digging..

Ella KO’d..

She’s awake!!

I shall call it “Fortzilla”..

Jack checking Nana’s drawings..

The lady in action.

Off to Barry’s for some fun..

Happy enough..


Now for the dodgems

My go..


Time for chips outside..

Check out that Beast..

Time to go back to the car..

Sun setting on day 3..

What a great mini break, it seemed like a lot longer than 3 days.. Great fun as ever and the weather really helped..

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