Fathers Day

It was fathers day today and as usual I got spoilt by my lovely family..

This was from yesterday, Ella happily filling the paddling pool..

Ooh yeah..

Jack playing with the RC car.. wrecking Ella’s toys..

Up today for my lovely cards and pressies.. Lots of herb seeds to plant..

Jacks, I love you this much card.

Eating brekkie..


Planting my seeds..

Jack out at the bat cave!!

Serious stuff..

Superheroes everywhere..

Both sitting still..

Ah, they were sitting eating lollies watching the sprinkler water the veggies..

Down to Diane & Norms for dinner.. Cammie playing ball with Jack..

Ellie, get off your phone..

Something is funny..

Looking cool

Alfresco dining..

Quick, leg it..

Watching TV..

Great day and spoilt as usual by my loving family.. the weather helped too..

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