A new addition

Today was a very special day for the McAteer’s. We got a new member of the household..

He still hasn’t got a name, but I’m sure that will change quickly..  Nana and Papa very kindly bought J&E

the pup for their birthdays, so after a run to Donegal this morning he is now home..

Hmm, what’s this?

What has Ella got?

A lead? for what?

For this wee fella..

Jack was stunned and asked if it was a real dog..

Ella lost for words – for once!!

A wee pet..

Thanks Papa and Nana..

All set for action..


Jack testing out his bed..

A few snaps..

8 thoughts on “A new addition

  1. I like the entire build up! The kids were first shown the accessories (I am sure they might be clueless about the gift) and then all of a sudden the most brilliant gift was disclosed. I just loved those innocent expressions, all happiness and thanks for sharing those amazing pictures. This is beautiful 🙂

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