A trip to Dublin Zoo

We went down to Dublin for the weekend with the Fuller family.  Saturdays plan was a trip to Dublin Zoo.

All set..

A wee baby monkey..

He looks cross..

Where to Jack?

All busy looking at something..

Come on you..

Monkey 1

Monkey 2

Monkey 3

and Monkey 4

Interactive animals..



Jack helping Ella..

The two Jacks comparing hand prints with primates..

Smile and wave boys, smile and wave..

Setting up lunch

Muching Jelly..

The girlies..

Smile for Luke.


Zara having a laugh..

Ella wants in on the action..

All protecting the elephant calf..

He’s only Tiny..

A bit of moon walking!!

Lollie time..

Baby one..

Stick your tongue out why don’t ya..

Give us a kiss..

Can I sit here?

A baby gorilla having a sleep..

Time for off-roading..

Getting some shelter..

Where to now?

A rare photo of me..

Where to now?



Now into the reptile house..

These two keeping warm under the heat lamps..

I think that brolley has seen better days!!

Now onto the family farm..

Milking time..

Best buds..

Time for dinner.. Cheers..

Piss heads..

Can I have some?

Dog fight..

You looking at my tablet?

Jack F laughing at Jack Mac falling down..

A wee break..

We called into Malahide on the way home.. Time to dig..

eh, how does this work..

Time for a slide..

Woo hoo..

Hold on..

Wrestling a croc..


A great weekend with great friends.. bring on the next mini break:-)

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