Ella’s 3rd Birthday Party

Ella’s actual Birthday isn’t until Tuesday the 19th, but sure what else are you going to do the day after Jack’s party?

have 23 family members for lunch.. bring it on..  Ella requested doll cupcakes for her party.. so here they are..

The McAteer Family..

Ella’s special doll one..

All the rest..

Here she comes..

Deja vu


This one will do for breakfast thanks..

Get off..

Jack getting more presents today!!

An adventure kit for uncle Ivan and auntie Lynn

More pressies..

Nicole & Ross

Ivan spilling stuff!!

What’s this coming?

Inhaling smoke!!


The doll is for it..

Edgar ladies..

Some family pics..

Ella pressing the remote..

Jack McAteer, could he be the new Jason McAteer?


A quick shoe change and out for some adventures..

Grappling hook!!

New boots!! Thanks Kirsty & Mark..

Sox having a swing..


Another great day and lots of fun with both sides of the family.. Bring on Kirsty’s wedding in two weeks..

I’m knackered..

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