The Port B Birthday / Anniversary mega weekend..

And it continues.. Although we had the birthday parties, we still had Jack’s “Actual” Birthday to celebrate

on Friday the 22nd.. and our anniversary.. 9 years this year..

Pressies for Jack..

Birthday boy..

A new water bottle.. a requirement for all top footballers!!

A tablet!!

Football kit..

I think these will fit me..

Hmm, what to play with first..

A quick Sox cuddle..

Ash wearing her new “anniversary” necklace

Me with my new fancy teapot for proper tea leaf tea..posh or what?

A quick ride on the bikes into Bushmills for some brunch..

Ella all set with her sauce.. bring on the fry..

Team McAteer August 2014..

Time for a walk with the dog..

Don’t even know what Ash is at!! nutjob!!



Me getting a helping hand / paw..

Jack fishing with his adventure kit..


Jack requested a birthday trip to Barry’s..

Meep meep..

A quick horse ride..

Some treats please..


Don’t touch my candy floss..

Mums turn..

Hanging about waiting on a chippy..

Crazy hair..

Time for some anniversary champers..

A quick birthday cuddle before bed..

Up the next day for some park fun..

Hold my toast, I’m going riding..

A nice day..

A quick change of outfit!!

Sox flat out in the sun..

Who wants a race?

I will smoke any 6 year old in the caravan park.. bring it on..


A bit of penny boarding now..

Ella’s go..

Thumbs up from Ash..

Go for it Ash..

Frisbee time..

A great weekend and an end to the birthday celebrations!!!

Now we only have Kirtsy & Mark’s wedding this weekend!! Awesome..

Shot with the Fuji X100..

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