New years dinner

Off to the Edgar household this evening for dinner.. Everyone had to take a photo of the person sitting opposite them.. everyone except Ella, then some articulate fun after dinner..

20150101_new_years_edgars-1020392-3 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020393-4 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020395-5 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020397-6 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020398-7 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020402-8 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020403-9 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020407-10 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020408-11 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020409-12 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020410-13 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020412-14 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020414-15 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020420-16 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020423-17 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020425-18 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020426-19 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020428-20 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020390-1 20150101_new_years_edgars-1020391-2

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