Winter walk

It was a freezing 2 deg’s yesterday, but we ventured out for a brisk walk at Mossley mill with the kids and dog.. we even brought hot choc with us to keep our body temperatures up!!

20150110_walk-1020468-1 20150110_walk-1020470-2 20150110_walk-1020475-3 20150110_walk-1020479-4 20150110_walk-1020484-5 20150110_walk-1020485-6 20150110_walk-1020488-7 20150110_walk-1020491-8 20150110_walk-1020497-9 20150110_walk-1020503-10 20150110_walk-1020509-11 20150110_walk-1020524-12 20150110_walk-1020525-13 20150110_walk-1020528-14

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