Fairy doors

Chilled weekend this weekend, we stayed around the house with the fire lit and made some fairy doors.. I had a scrap of plywood so cut out 4 doors (one each), although Ella claimed two of them.. spot which one is Ash’s!!  Ella also got Shaun the sheep to paint!! and poor Sox is back from the vets with his collar on 😦20150301_fairy_doors-1030455-1 20150301_fairy_doors-1030459-2 20150301_fairy_doors-1030461-3 20150301_fairy_doors-1030462-4 20150301_fairy_doors-1030464-5 20150301_fairy_doors-1030466-6 20150301_fairy_doors-1030469-7 20150301_fairy_doors-1030471-8 20150301_fairy_doors-1030474-9 20150301_fairy_doors-1030475-10 20150301_fairy_doors-1030477-11 20150301_fairy_doors-1030480-12

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