A wee Easter hunt

We had a wee Easter hunt yesterday morning.. although hunt may be over egging it (egging… get it).. it was more like 5 this way banners and some treats with an egg at the end!!


20150405_easter_hunt-1040198-1 20150405_easter_hunt-1040199-2 20150405_easter_hunt-1040202-3 20150405_easter_hunt-1040203-4 20150405_easter_hunt-1040207-5 20150405_easter_hunt-1040209-6 20150405_easter_hunt-1040213-7 20150405_easter_hunt-1040216-8 20150405_easter_hunt-1040219-9 20150405_easter_hunt-1040221-10 20150405_easter_hunt-1040226-11 20150405_easter_hunt-1040227-12 20150405_easter_hunt-1040228-13 20150405_easter_hunt-1040233-14 20150405_easter_hunt-1040239-15 20150405_easter_hunt-1040243-16

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