Babies and beaches

We had the pleasure of baby sitting the other McAteers this morning.. so 5 kids running around the house.. easy.. then off to Helen’s Bay for a picnic this afternoon with Diane, Ellie and Cammie..

20150410_helens_bay-1040370-1 20150410_helens_bay-1040372-2 20150410_helens_bay-1040375-3 20150410_helens_bay-1040376-4 20150410_helens_bay-1040380-5 20150410_helens_bay-1040384-6 20150410_helens_bay-1040390-7 20150410_helens_bay-1040392-8 20150410_helens_bay-1040393-9 20150410_helens_bay-1040396-10 20150410_helens_bay-1040400-11 20150410_helens_bay-1040403-12 20150410_helens_bay-1040404-13 20150410_helens_bay-1040407-14 20150410_helens_bay-1040408-15 20150410_helens_bay-1040410-16 20150410_helens_bay-1040415-17 20150410_helens_bay-1040421-18 20150410_helens_bay-1040425-19 20150410_helens_bay-1040440-21 20150410_helens_bay-1040432-20 20150410_helens_bay-1040451-22 20150410_helens_bay-1040456-23 20150410_helens_bay-1040458-24 20150410_helens_bay-1040460-25 20150410_helens_bay-1040465-26 20150410_helens_bay-1040471-27 20150410_helens_bay-1040489-28 20150410_helens_bay-1040495-29

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