Fellow Night Ride April 2015

It was the monthly FelloeBicycleC0 night ride around Belfast on Wednesday 15th April.  This happens monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.. There were about 30 people cycling / cruising around town.. good craic.. I shot a time lapse with the GX7 and 14mm taking a shot every 5 secs.. camera on manual 1/40, f/2.5 and ISO 3200.. images are B&W due to bad WB change while riding.. these are images from the time lapse.  The video is on youtube..

20150415_fellow_ride-1040614-1 20150415_fellow_ride-1040615-2 20150415_fellow_ride-1040694-3 20150415_fellow_ride-1040721-4 20150415_fellow_ride-1040746-5 20150415_fellow_ride-1040782-6 20150415_fellow_ride-1040828-7 20150415_fellow_ride-1040833-8 20150415_fellow_ride-1040846-9 20150415_fellow_ride-1040917-10 20150415_fellow_ride-1050010-11 20150415_fellow_ride-1050039-12 20150415_fellow_ride-1050070-13 20150415_fellow_ride-1050115-14 20150415_fellow_ride-1050140-15


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