Muddy puddles

It was raining all last night and this morning we had some muddy puddles perfect for jumping in.. so off they went!! I stayed inside and shot these from the back door with my old Nikon 70-210mm f/4 from 1986..


20150503_muddy_puddles-3330-1 20150503_muddy_puddles-3335-2 20150503_muddy_puddles-3349-3 20150503_muddy_puddles-3361-4 20150503_muddy_puddles-3387-5 20150503_muddy_puddles-3400-6 20150503_muddy_puddles-3410-7 20150503_muddy_puddles-3430-8 20150503_muddy_puddles-3442-9

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