Port B mini Break

We had the chance to have a few days mid week up in Port B.. great weather and lots of fun.. the kids even had the play park to themselves..

20150702_port_b-7085-1 20150702_port_b-7088-2 20150702_port_b-7098-3 20150702_port_b-7112-4 20150702_port_b-7121-5 20150702_port_b-7123-6 20150702_port_b-7128-7 20150702_port_b-7140-8 20150702_port_b-7151-9 20150702_port_b-7161-10 20150702_port_b-7167-11 20150702_port_b-7187-12 20150702_port_b-7190-13 20150702_port_b-7208-14 20150702_port_b-7227-15 20150702_port_b-7232-16 20150702_port_b-7235-17 20150702_port_b-7243-18 20150702_port_b-7324-37 20150702_port_b-7333-38 20150702_port_b-7336-39 20150702_port_b-7338-40 20150702_port_b-7339-41 20150702_port_b-7341-42 20150702_port_b-7342-43 20150702_port_b-7345-44 20150702_port_b-7346-45 20150702_port_b-7357-46 20150702_port_b-7359-47 20150702_port_b-7361-48 20150702_port_b-7364-49 20150702_port_b-7367-50 20150702_port_b-7371-51 20150702_port_b-7379-53 20150702_port_b-7381-54 20150702_port_b-7385-55 20150702_port_b-7388-56 20150702_port_b-7393-57

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