Christmas Cookies

Tis the season for bloggin it seems.. I’m finally getting a bit of time to get the camera out again and also make some cookies.. Jack was away partying, so Ella and I made some christmas cookies.. Ella did most of it.. measuring, mixing, rolling and cutting.. I did the tasting..



Mix it up..



Roll it out..



Push really hard..





2 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies

  1. I really love how well you capture the day to day life with your family, it’s something I’ve been recently trying to get into and find my groove/balance between shooting these everyday stories and being an active participant in them as well! It’s proving to be a tough balance but when it happens it’s so rewarding! If you have any tips you could share about documenting your family’s day to day life I’d love to read about them and your approach! Thanks for the great blog!

    • Thanks for that, I have done quick write up on photographing children.. I suppose mine are used to the camera being there, but just get down to their level and snap away.. generally on A mode wide open (f/2) and auto ISO with min shutter of 1/125, spot metered and continuous AF.. just focus on their eyes mostly.. link to previous post below.. Haven’t been capturing much of late, but will hopefully pick it up again over Christmas..

      Photographing Children

      I shot RAW, which helps this time of year as the WB can get a bit funny inside with lights on.. I have some presets I generally use in Lightroom, if you want any, just give me a shout and I can email them through..



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