#vantage point

I recently found out about the #VantagePoint project by Light.co.  They are wanting photographers to  showcase their top photo from their favourite place.. So I thought I would have a go.  This is a hard one as I take so many.. but recently I have been wanting to carry a camera with me, but not have the hassle and weight of my DSLR (Nikon D750 with Nikon 35mm F/2 lens).  I have been using my Nikon Coolpix A at present.. to me this is a great all rounder,,with a APS-C sensor from the Nikon D7000 (16.2 MP)  The camera is great, it has a very sharp 18.5mm f/2.8 fixed lens (28mm equiv on full frame) .. to some people that might be hard to get used to, but I generally use the 35mm on my D750, so this isn’t a million miles away.  It can be used for landscapes and general snaps.. here is one of my favourite shots from a weekend away up the north coast in County Antrim Northern Ireland.  It’s such a great area of the world, this is where they film Game of Thrones and also were the Giant’s Causeway is located.  The photo was a snap shot at the side of the road, I got out, turned the camera on in A mode and snapped a shot handheld.. quick and simple..  for more photos from that weekend click the link below..

Up North

They say the best camera is the one the have with you, which is 100% correct.  the Coolpix A has no lens caps to fiddle with or lose and fits into a trouser pocket..

I recently heard about the L16 compact camera which would seem to tick all the boxes, DSLR quality from a camera than essentially looks like a chubby phone.. The camera has 16 lenses ranging from 28-150mm so covers a lot of ground and gives excellent control over DoF etc.  I would really like to get my hands on one and put it through it’s paces..




Above shot – 1/200, f/2.8, ISO100 – Nikon Coolpix A

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