White background

As Jack was in the bath this evening I made an ad-hoc studio in the bedroom.  It consisted of a white bedsheet hung over the wardrobes with a Jessops AFD-360 flash at 1/4 power pointing at it.  I then had Nikon SB-800 in a Westcott Apollo softbox on the other side of the bed at 1/8th power. Triggered using Yongnuo 602’s.  D300 with 35mm f1.8 lens at 1/250, ISO 400, F/4 – 5.6

A shot of Jack about to pounce (note that his hair isn’t even dried yet)


Rear flash with a red gel on it.

Setup.. It’s kinda ghetto..

In all I had about 10 minutes before Jack needed his hair dried and Ella needed her jammies on..

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