Olympic torch passes through Newtownabbey

Lots of people out to see it this morning, it was very windy and cold this morning, some change from last week!!  The route was about 50 yards away from the house, so I thought I would take a break from packing and have a nosey..

A sunny day in NI!!!

Here it comes..

Quick change over..

And away it goes..

91 thoughts on “Olympic torch passes through Newtownabbey

  1. great blog,
    it came through my home town (shithole) Bolton last Thursday and I couldn’t be bothered to go and see it. I know, don’t complain if you can’t be arsed…blah..blah.. but I genuinely was shocked to learn recently that ‘the flame’ isn`t ONE flame that has come all the way from Ancient Greece!!
    It has loads of extras, substitutes if you will. I’m sorry, as the ‘great’ Duncan Bannatyne once said,
    ‘I`m out.’

  2. Great photos! In 1988, I had the good fortune to attend the Games of the XXIV Olympiad in Seoul, South Korea. That was easily one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Congrats on being freshly pressed.

  3. I remember when the Olympic torch passed through Toronto and someone I know got to run with it. Pretty crazy to think where it ends up 🙂

  4. Good stuff, Portrush was busy when it arrived, better weather too! Just a pity a few idiots in Derry inexplicably protested. But then it wouldn’t be a normal day in NI without idiots protesting!

    • It was such a pity that an event that brings communities together everywhere it goes had to have some negative reports when it came through Derry,Londonderry,The Maiden CIty set to go across the peace bridge when some mindless idiots who are themselves are a minority still locked in the past brought shame on thier own community, by protesting bringing violent scenes onto our streets for the whole world to see. I believe that the wider community of Derry Londonderry wanted to celebrate this amazing occasion in the same way that every other town in Ireland did, these people done nothing but hurt thier own people bringing them back to the sad memories of the past.

    • Such a pity that a positive event bringing communities together everywhere it went had to Hijacked by mindless idiots who are themselves a minority when in Derry, Londonderry as the torch was to pass the over the peace bridge a protest was organised, why oh why can’t you just find a more mature way of getting your point across instead of disrupting peoples lives especially your own people, you bring shame upon them and if you would only think of others you might find that others might actually take on board what you are protesting about. The torch going through Derry, Londonderry was your areas chance to shine thankfully there were enough people there who were interested in this historical occasion that they came out in thousands to cheer the carriers and celebrate with them. I feel sad that the whole world could see how some people are trying to pull us into the past an they used a positive non political event to do it, how must we have looked on tv screens all over the world. Well done to the people of Derry, Londonderry you done yourselves proud you didn’t let these people win and the torch did go across the peace bridge.

      • Beverley well said, i support your comments 100%., unfortunately there is people in our community ( N.I.) cannot seem to move on, thank goodness the rest of us were pleased to see the torch through our nieghbourhood..

  5. The torch came to our town yesterday and it was a bit of an anti climax. The organisers don’t really put that much effort into it. Watching buses going past.

    Like going to see your auntie’s for an annual visit, some chit chat and niceties, that’s what yesterday’s whistle stop Olympic torch tour felt like. They’d probably rather not but just one of those things they had to do.
    Felicity Fox

  6. I was in Belfast for the weekend, woken Sunday morning by a helicopter and looked out across the abandoned shipyards from the apartment I was staying in to see a gathering of people at 6am, intrigued I kept watching and wondering, then realised it was the Olympic torch, a wonderful spontaneous moment in the early hours of the morning. Great to see so many people enjoying the spirit of the Games. Any my how Belfast has changed, definitely recommend you all visit Northern Ireland, it rocks!

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  8. These photos are amazing! We’d love for you to share your photos and stories about the Olympic Torch on the Jubilee Time Capsule at jubileetimecapsule.org!

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  10. I live belfast in Newtownabbey near Whiteabbey on 3rd sunday morning I feeling can’t wait watch torch.My dad wake me and my sister up I clothes,socks,shoes I walk in bathroom wash my face and brush teeth and coat I and my family go outside walk (near my home) down street I was feeling can’t believe it cos my family arrive first laterI feeling cold…there most lots people I saw Whiteabbey lots and lots of people. I saw old cars that my dad say”this old cars” and BMW yellow car I have BMW but it black not yellow my sister say”it ready torch now” everybody were claps hands there man with torch but we don’t know how is man with torch then we talking back home it was good time 🙂

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