Ana’s 3rd Birthday Party

Some photos of Ana’s 3rd Birthday party this afternoon.. The theme was a puddle party and being Northern Ireland there wasn’t even a sign of rain..

The boys getting ready for war..

Time to find the prizes among the ducks..

What is in it?

A bouncy ball..

Time for some water balloon action.. The idea was to throw the water balloons into the upside down umbrellas.

Birthday girl Ana gets first go..

Luka delighted with the result..

Oh dear, shot a bit wide..


Dan all set..


Oh dear..

Dan knows when he’s beat..

Birthday girl..

Toby in the middle of it..

Dad on the receiving end..

Luka not impressed..

Time for the pinata.. Ana had first whack..

Toby going for it..

Luka getting lit..

The onlookers..

Jack having a swing..

Ha ha

The spoils..

Get in quick..

Ana giving it a blow..

Esther and Sol..

Luka looking cool..

Ana telling Toby that he has no shoes on..

Here comes the cake..


Toot toot..

Great day and dry for once.. Great theme and prep by Esther and helpers.. 🙂

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