Sol turns 2

Up we went this afternoon for some party fun at the Puknikovic’s..Sol turns two tomorrow.

The girlies enjoying the food..

Everyone enjoying it..


The Birthday boy.. Sol


Lots of new toys..

Haha.. very funny..

Time for the paper aeroplane competition.. Good work boys..

Go Ana..

Ella get a hug from Daniel..

Ash eyeing up the competition..

Go Harry..

Ella still there..

A quick changeover..

Ana cleaning the floor with her hair!!

Dana & Kalid


Smile ladies..


Playing away..

Cake time..

Ella busy changing nappies!!

All together.. Haaaappppppyyy..

Shy boy..

Don’t blow my candles out..

Time for fights..

Using a large toy rabbit

The boys happy playing lego..

Shannon & Darcy

Playing away..

Great fun this afternoon, as always..

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