Giro d’italia stage 2 pizza party

It was stage 2 of the Giro d’italia, Ivan and Lynn had a pizza party to celebrate.. so down we went..

Ella is official first aider for the day..

Outside for some playing first..

We walked do to the bottom of the brae to see the bikes as they passed.  I think the whole of Ballycarry

turned out..

Jack all set..

Erin and Ivan too.

Ash is well excited..

Kiddies all set


Here comes the breakaway group..

And the peloton about 1m 56sec behind them at this point..

And past they go..

There were more cars than bikes..

Back up the hill before the rain gets us..

It lashed really hard on the way back up, but at least it was dry when they passed.  A good days fun and great to see..

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