Blackberry picking and other things

Off to Grandads & MarMars this afternoon for a last bit of summer fun.. and a BBQ for lunch & dinner..

Jack looking like a cricketer!!

10ft sunflowers..

Sox came too..

And Amy..

The boys off adventuring..

Some of the flowers on show..

Some Tomatoes..

A helpful picker..

Top of the world..

Time for Blackberries..

Come on mum..


Give me my blackberries..

Kiss please..

Time for some baking!!

Back out for some fun..

Come on Sox..

The ladies chillaxin..

Sox enjoying himself..

Here he comes..


Here dad..

The two amigos..

The three amigos..

Still adventuring..

Great fun enjoying the last bit of summer.. who needs a foreign holiday when the weather is this good..

6 thoughts on “Blackberry picking and other things

  1. Lovely set of photos Adam which really encapsulated the day…great day it was too and considering that Tuesday is the Autumnal Equinox. A fitting end to the summer. The blackberry tart was the best ever…we have loads more in the freezer for next time!

  2. Beautiful photos. Would like to know which camera and lens do you use and whether you clicked all these on manual mode. Love your photography. 😊

    • Many thanks for the comment.. Shot with the Nikon D700, with a combination of 35mm f/2, 50mm f/1.8 & 85mm f/1.8. If you right click and save the images you can see the exif data.. Shot with AF-C & single focus point and spot metered in A mode about F/2-2.8, went manual some times against the sun, I just took a shot and looked at the LCD then adjusted and shot again. then fired into lightroom and my standard preset applied.. if you want it let me know.. Thanks Adam

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