A scoot to Ballylagan Farm

We went to Ballylagan farm to pick up our Boxa order.. had to have a wee dander around and stop for a cuppa.. Gran and Erin came too.. There was a still a bit of snow on the ground although the snowdrops had started to come up..

20150207_ballylagan-1020939-2 20150207_ballylagan-1020937-1 20150207_ballylagan-1020942-3 20150207_ballylagan-1020944-4 20150207_ballylagan-1020947-5 20150207_ballylagan-1020948-6 20150207_ballylagan-1020952-7 20150207_ballylagan-1020954-8

2 thoughts on “A scoot to Ballylagan Farm

  1. Snowbells…is that another name for snowdrops? Pig looks like a Tamworth which tastes really nice on the plate! You may remember the ‘Tamworth Two’ who were 2 pigs who escaped en route to the abattoir. They became a huge success with the media who named them Sundance and Butch. They were rescued from their fate at the abbatoir and became celebs…all this was way back in 1998. Google the ‘Tamworth Twins’ for the full story it is really interesting

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