Daddy Daycare

Myself and Ivan and 5 kiddies, easy peasy!! We took a scoot to Whitehead this afternoon to see what was on show.. Lots to do and the kids had a ball chasing huge bubbles..

20150724_whitehead-1080105-1 20150724_whitehead-1080106-2 20150724_whitehead-1080108-3 20150724_whitehead-1080110-4 20150724_whitehead-1080115-5 20150724_whitehead-1080119-6 20150724_whitehead-1080121-7 20150724_whitehead-1080122-8 20150724_whitehead-1080123-9 20150724_whitehead-1080125-10 20150724_whitehead-1080127-11 20150724_whitehead-1080129-12 20150724_whitehead-1080132-13 20150724_whitehead-1080134-14 20150724_whitehead-1080145-15 20150724_whitehead-1080155-16 20150724_whitehead-1080168-17 20150724_whitehead-1080187-18 20150724_whitehead-1080214-19 20150724_whitehead-1080216-20

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