Mum’s 60th Birthday Party

Mum turns the big 60 on Wednesday, so she decided to put on a bit of a party at her house..

Getting all set up..

Anne, Rosie , baby Grace and the 3 dogs..

Ella taking Carla for a walk..

Mum chillaxin on another one of Claire G’s cakes..

Mum left the cake upto Claire, so Claire came up with the idea, she even got mum’s scrubs in the bin as mum is retiring..

Kirsty with Erin..

Lovely flowers from Kerry..

Lynn hard at work..

Kirsty and Carla using the old “I can’t help as I have a baby” routine

Ella playing with Balloons..

Graces turn..

More people arriving..

Auntie Lorna working it..

Erin with Auntie Sharon..

The ladies chillaxin..

What is Jack upto?

Great day for it..

Molly enjoying herself..

Julia getting pushed around by Lucy..

Time for Burlies..

Mum and her old friend Ciara..

Having fun..

Lucy’s turn..

Lorna making Erin smile.. or just getting tipsy..

Ella dying to walk..

Feeding time..

The girls enjoying the alfresco dining..

Ash getting stuck in..

Someone had a nibble of gran..

Gran with Ella..

Jack making Ewan do all the work..

Mum’s new summer house.. Just in time for summer..

Chris showing the young ones how to do it..

Mum with Claire and Sheila..

Fern having fun..

Up she goes..

Mum and her boys..

What a throw..

Ewan is after it..

Gran with her grandaughters..

two baby grumps..

The clan..

Mum getting her cake..

Mum getting all emotional..

Time to cut the 2nd cake..

Ella with her big uncle Rhys..

Party getting started..

Great day with great weather.. Enjoy your 60th Mum..

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