The Dunlop family

I was asked by Stacey to take some family photos.  I have never taken arranged photos before.  I normally just bring my camera to places and snap away in the background.  First go for everything though!!

Off we went to Oakfield wood in Carrickfergus, which is a favorite spot for the Dunlops and their dogs.  Plenty of space and things to run around and climb on.

Abigail and lewis playing peek-a-boo

Now Stacey and Caiden

The boys..

Give us a hand here..

Caiden wants to be walking away..

Just needs a hand or two..

Daddy’s boy..

Off to the fields..

Lets go..



Lewis and his fascination with sticks..

Come here, I’m going to get you..

The dogs went mental in the big field..

Some of the kids..

Brrr, cold hands..

Good time was had by all and the weather worked out well..

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