A great days fun


Jack busy colouring in a dinosaur mask..


Ella with hers..

It’s Batgirl..


Flying around the house doing laps!!

Here comes Batman..

Now off into Belfast to the Museum..

Sunny Belfast


Races off the train..

To the park at Queen’s PEC first..


Help me..

I’m climbing… Check out Jacks legs..

The boys on top..


Little monkey..

Time for a swing..

Hang on..


Now in the museum in the craft room..

Building blocks

Jack and his spider house..

Ella the bag monster!!

Outside for some playing..


Bad example..


A mind of the own!!

Ah, the place Ash and I met all those years ago!!

After dinner in Nando’s, back home on the train

All shot with the Fujifilm X100

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